to Sports Club : My glory in my city

Every dream needs to be driven by passion to make it come true. Sports Club is one such dream, formed by keeping sheer passion for the gentleman's game-Cricket. Sports Club was conceived by a group of people headed by Chinubhai Chimanbhai; the then Mayor and leading businessman from Ahmedabad in 1965. The Sports Club gets its flamboyant and elegant design in the heart of city from the renowned architect Charles Correa who also happens to be the designer of the soulful Gandhi Ashram. With a beautiful design and sprawling space; Sports Club has gradually spread its branches for other sports and has become an epitome of entertainment and leisure in the thriving city of Ahmedabad. Today, Sports Club is one of the most regal clubs of Ahmedabad and renowned for its state of the art amenities and splendid aura.
Sports Club
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